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Tech details

  • Smart flight battery
  • 4K camera incorporated with auto-stabilization  (Ultra-smooth videos)
  • Auto-follow mode
  • Different flight modes
  • Headless mode (solving ‘’lost orientation’’ problem)
  • Automatic take off and Landing
  • Return Home
  • 28 Flight Minutes (the champ of its category)
  • GPS
  • Anti-Collision sensor
  • Surrounded flight (Select a object and fly around in a circle taking footage from different angles)
  • VR Goggles connection
  • Face Recognition System

How it works

  • Imagine trying to record a thrilling event and then after five minutes, your battery runs out, missing that crucial footage. With Gobe, our industry leading Li-Ion battery provides a flying time of 28 minutes which allows you plenty of time to collect all your exciting footage, and if you need longer, just switch the battery. Fly with Gobe for longer fun.
  • Gobe Drone includes Ultrasonic Anti-collision sensors, they’re in charge of keeping your drone away from the obstacles on the way.
  • Is it your first time? Don’t worry! Gobe Drone has several flight modes, click safe mode and fly with assistance while learning.
  • Capture your favourite moments with family/friends like never before, Gobe camera allows you to take smooth videos and great photos in 4K resolution.

Features the key

Carbon Fiber Propellers

Produce less vibration due to their stiffness, which creates less noise when spinning, solving the jello problem in your video.
High performance under high RPM (works perfectly with high KV motors).

Auto-Follow Mode

Follows the target without any pilot’s input. This innovative and powerful feature allows you to focus on photography and videography while the drone autonomously follows the point of interest. It's only limited by your creativity.

Smart Flight Battery

Up to 28 flight minutes, the world's first drone with such a long flight time in its category, we work with pioneers in the battery industry, setting the standards and trends for the rest to follow.

4K Camera Incorporated

4K with auto-stabilization for ultra-smooth videos, presenting you with breathtaking-cinematographic footage.

Design The Cleanest

360-Degree See it in

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Smart and Elegant

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